Installing/Servicing of Security Lights

Dusk to dawn security lights for homes, businesses and farms let you look on the bright side with safety and convenience.

That's because when you add a security light from Sedgwick County Electric, you're adding protection for your family and your property, plus hours to your evening for work or play.

At just pennies a day, a security light is not only a bright decision, it's very efficient and affordable.

So look on the bright side and call us today for more information on our security light program.

Installation costs vary according to different situations. For that reason we recommend calling the office in order to get an accurate estimate of the cost for your particular situation. Our operations department will be happy to answer any of your questions concerning security lights.

Servicing Security Lights -- Sedgwick County Electric Cooperative will be happy to service security lights purchased through us.

There will be a fee of $90.00, plus any material applies for servicing lights/changing light bulbs, etc.